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    Witch Hazel Liquid Extract - 100% Natural - 10 ml
    Standardization: 10:1 Extract

    Witch Hazel Liquid Extract – Standardized is a liquid blend of Witch Hazel extract and Propanediol produced through a unique manufacturing technology.

    Witch Hazel is distilled from the leaves, flowers and bark of the Hamamelis tree. One of nature's best astringents, there is probably no better tonic and toner for skin care preparations. Rich in phenolic acids and tannins, Witch Hazel has been used for centuries in traditional salves, balms and decoctions. It is now frequently used in products like aftershave lotions, where it helps manage minor abrasions and reduce the appearance of razor burn and swelling with its cool, soothing sensation. In skincare, Witch Hazel can be used as toner or in place of a cleanser. It is particularly beneficial for oily and problem skin due to its gentle constitution.

    Recommended Usage Level: 1-3% in skincare products.

    Storage: Stable when stored in a cool, dry place.

    Shelf Life: 3 years
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