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    Red Clover Liquid Extract - 100% Natural - 10 ml
    Standardization: 10:1 Extract

    Red Clover Liquid Extract – Standardized is a liquid blend of Red clover Extract and Propanediol produced through a unique manufacturing technology.

    Red Clover Extract is extracted from the leaves of the Trifolium Pratense L., a herbaceous species of flowering plant belonging to the bean family of Fabaceae. This perennial plant is native to Europe, Western Asia, and Northwest Africa, and have been traditionally used for its soothing properties to ease the discomfort associated with dry and irritated skin. Today, various studies have shown that Red Clover leaves are a rich source of chemical compounds called isoflavones which are known to help maintain skin collagen and reduce the appearance of aged skin. Red Clover Extract is an enriching natural ingredient that can be added to a variety of skincare formulations such as serums, lotions, and creams to impart its skin-enhancing benefits for supple-looking skin.

    With a plant-based origin, Propanediol is a biodegradable and petrochemical-free solvent, making it an excellent corn sugar-derived alternative to petroleum-based Glycols for hair- and skincare formulations. It offers benefits and functionalities that include improved emollience, enhanced viscosity, non-irritating properties, exceptional sensory characteristics, clarity, and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, among many more.

    Recommended Usage Level: 1-3% in skincare products.

    Storage: Stable when stored in a cool, dry place.

    Shelf Life: 3 Years
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