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    Create Your Own Diffuser Blend - Customized, 5 ml Pure Essential Oils

    CUSTOM BLEND - 5 ml Pure Essential Oil Custom Blend - Create Your Own Diffuser Blend

    Create your own blend of essential oils. Select up to 3 pure essential oils and we will create your very special blend.

    Selecting Blend:  After purchasing this diffuser blend online, please email us at We will reply with a vast selection of Essential Oil options. Kindly reply with your 3 choices. If you need suggestions of some pairings, let us know.

    Add a few drops into a diffuser and enjoy the aroma and therapeutic benefits of each oil in your blend. All essential oil blends come carefully blended in a 5 ml amber glass bottle with a euro- dropper and black/white cap.

    These are PURE Essential Oils. They are not diluted.

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