Emulsifying Wax O (SLS Free)
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Emulsifying Wax O (SLS Free)

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Emulsifying Wax O Beads are composed of 50% Cetyl Alcohol and 50% Stearyl Alcohol derived from vegetable oils (coconut / palm kernel).

INCI: Cetyl-Stearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol also known as Cetyl/Stearyl Alcohol. It is not a complete emulsifier, but more a thickener and stabiliser. On its own it will not bind oils and water at all, but in combination with a second emulsifier, it will effectively thicken the final product, proportionately to the amount used. It improves upon beeswax as an emulsifier, and adds a creamier texture to other e-waxes and Glyceryl Stearate. Use between 1% to thicken a product to the consistency of a light lotion, to 25% for the rich consistency of a hand cream. It is gluten-free.

Appearance: White to off-white waxy solid beads with little to no odor.

Uses: Emulsifying Wax O Beads are hydrophilic waxes best suited for viscosity regulation in cosmetic oil / water emulsions. Examples include creams, lotions, body butters, conditioners, face cleansers and baby products. 

Directions for Use: 1- 25.0 %. The exact percentage will depend on the desired result and requires testing. 

Compatibility: It is compatible with most animal, vegetable and mineral waxes and a large variety of natural and synthetic resins.

Helpful Hints:
 Emulsifying Wax O Beads will not totally emulsify or thicken a cream or lotion without a second emulsifier.
 Do not heat Emulsifying Wax O above 80 deg. C or it will not emulsify nor thicken.
 When making the cream or lotion stir while cooling or separation may occur.