Cream Base with Jojoba - 4 oz/118 grams
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Cream Base with Jojoba - 4 oz/118 grams

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Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil, Glycol, And Synthetic Colorants

Fortified with Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil, our luxurious Cream Base offers long-lasting moisture protection that softens even the driest skin types. This new and improved formulation is pH-optimized and designed to be exceptionally skin-friendly for radiant, glowing skin that stays balanced and nourished all day long. The base has a rich, silky texture and has been specifically formulated to be extremely robust. Essential Oils, fragrant oils, botanical extracts, and various raw materials can be added to create and customize your own premium products.

Usage: We recommend the addition of Essential Oils and Fragrances to a maximum of 1-2% of the total volume. Exceeding this amount may destabilize bonds between the ingredients. Over time, this may cause the base to lose some of its luxurious properties, including its viscosity, smooth feel, and rate of absorption.