Foot/Detox Dome Salt Lamp
Foot/Detox Dome Salt Lamp
Foot/Detox Dome Salt Lamp
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Foot/Detox Dome Salt Lamp

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The Himalayan Salt Foot Dome is a natural work of art. Rub your feet on the dome while the lamp is warm to naturally purify and detox the body. This dome will attract toxins from your body, increase circulation, reduce swelling, deodorize and feel wonderful on tired, achy feet. These lamps contain as many as 84 natural minerals vital to your health that can be absorbed through the skin.
When not in use on your feet, the lamp will emit negative ions into the air, restoring the neutralizing air quality, while promoting health and healing.

Salt crystal lamps, placed in rooms with the highest concentrations of air pollutants, can help to neutralize the air breathed. By balancing the charge of ions in your homes air you can also reduce airborne infections.

Use of salt crystal lamps has been linked to reduced symptoms of asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses, as well as migraines, Sleep Apnea, anxiety, and other ailments


-When the Himalayan Salt Detox is warmed, the salt releases negative ions that purify the air and promote a sense of well-being. The air is purified by the binding positive ions and allow the dust and allergens to settle to the ground.
-The warmth of the stone causes the feet to sweat, allowing the salt to purify and cleanse. Toxins will be pulled out of the body as minerals are pulled in. This helps ease tiredness and aches.
-Himalayan Salt contain as many as 84 natural minerals that can be absorbed through the skin.

Lamps comes with an ETL approved electrical cord and 25 watt bulb to allow the salt dome to heat up.

Diameter of base is 9" and height is approx 6"